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Remember Brianna Musco from our previous interview? The classically-trained musician and her backing band are back with her debut EP, Forever! The former college soccer star and classical guitar player of Delaware State University was accompanied by Lucas Jones (guitar), Kory Hilpmann (keys), Nicholas Cela (drums), and Chris Basile (bass) on tour to promote the EP as a full touring group.

With the release of Forever, Brianna adds five new tracks to her growing repertoire as she continues to perform.

The first song of the EP is the title track, “Forever.” Beginning casually with an instrumental introduction, the track is a steady, secure choice for a first song. Although it would pop more if Brianna’s voice was highlighted more, pushed above the instrumentals in the mix just a bit more, “Forever” is a great start to the EP thanks to its storytelling ability and relatability factor as a song about love. The lyrics are easy to piece together into this story that is a unique experience, but not altogether uncommon: “But you saved me a seat when you took my hand / You rescued me / When you let me in and I thought to myself / There you go with everything and every touch / Making me love you / There you go, it’s crazy to think you’ll never leave / But that’s okay because / I think I can love you forever and ever….” The specifics of the song’s lyrics at points are its strengths, and more specific details could never hurt any artist’s music.

“Ringling” has the vibe of a classic pop-rock breakup track with its clear vocals and crunchy, sharp guitar riffs accompanied by steady, simple percussion rhythms. The waves of focus that flow and recede between the instrumentals and vocals allow every part its time to shine, particularly when Brianna’s sultry voice lifts away to reveal a short guitar solo before the final chorus. The soft tension of the track builds with these waves, but never quite comes to a point, giving it a softer edge that works for Brianna’s image. That being said, it would be interesting to see an edgier, harder moment every once in awhile, as the melodies of the majority of Brianna’s tracks are similar and safe. 

“Not Enough” takes Brianna’s typical pop sound and shifts it into a slower, melodic mode. Perfectly placed to break up the momentum of the EP’s sound, “Not Enough” is the best track of the collection thanks to not only its placement, but its honest, powerful sound. With a simple, but slightly dissonant piano track behind her vocals and light percussion work, Brianna is at the forefront of the song, unable to hide behind flashy riffs and sugary-sweet choruses. The result is perfectly-pitched and emotive, particularly through the transitions to the choruses, which prove that Brianna has a punchier side. The words and phrasing in the lyrics emphasizes the exposure of her inner strength, too: “I’m not what you need / I can’t feel anything when you’re gone / But don’t pull me back in / We know it’s not enough / So I’ll keep my distance / In case you need someone that’s easy to blame….” Out of all the tracks of the album, “Not Enough” is the most powerful, and easily my favorite.

“Stay” begins with a gentle pattering of guitar notes before quickly picking up with Brianna’s clear vocals and engaging phrasing: “Tell me you’re gonna stay / And you’re done with running / I want to believe / That you’ve finally made up your mind but we both know / You don’t mean what you say….” As the instrumentals launch us into a startlingly energetic chorus, Brianna’s direct address continues, backed by instrumentals out of a 90’s/2000’s rom-com. The throwback aesthetic of “Stay” is likely appealing to those who love a good throwback movie like The Parent Trap, Legally Blonde, A Cinderella Story, and 27 Dresses. Who doesn’t love a track that sounds like something out of a movie?

“Heaven” is not only the final track of Forever, but one of the most meaningful. In an earlier interview, Brianna mentioned that the song has a special importance to her: Heaven “is sort of an apology to my grandmother who unfortunately passed away when I was in high school. It begins with, “I wish you never got sick/And maybe walked a little more/I wish I wasn’t so angry all the time/I wish I helped you when you asked and maybe stopped talking back/’Cause you were so lonely down there.”

“Heaven” picks up the speed for Brianna’s final hurrah of the EP. Hints of bass flirt with rhythmic cymbal crashes, crunchy guitar riffs, and bright piano melodies behind Brianna’s heartfelt message to her grandmother. Her sweet tones send the message of love straight into the heavens as well as the hearts of listeners.

You can hear Brianna’s EP release show will be held on August 24th at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Fans can connect with Brianna on her social media pages and website below:


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