Show Experience: Strange Machines/Adventure Dog/Wiley Griffin

strange machines.jpg[Strange Machines at Higher Ground 1/25/19 by Alexa O’Kane]

This past Friday (1/25/19), I had the wonderful opportunity to see Strange Machines, Adventure Dog, and Wiley Griffin at Higher Ground for my birthday! I really enjoyed the show, so I’d like to give a quick shout-out/review to the bands because they definitely deserve it!

The opening act, Wiley Griffin Acoustic, was a great start to the night with an interesting mix of 90’s-style hip hop beats and acoustic guitar. While this isn’t typically my favorite style of music, I appreciated the performer’s guitar skills and enthusiasm. I got a lot of Jack Black vibes, actually. When Wiley Griffin brought up a bassist, it added even more to the music (granted, I’m a bit biased). The underlying bass tones gave the acoustic guitar something to rest on and really emphasized the vocalist’s rhythms.

Adventure Dog was the second act of the night, and actually the band that drew me to the show in the first place. The band boasted dreamy funk vibes in a jam band style but without the clunky jam band feel. Their performance was extremely polished and professional with the perfect amount of stage presence from every member. Everyone in the group performed as an equal, which is unusual these days, and I really appreciated their comfortable, chilled-out grooving.

Strange Machines was a wonderful treat as well. While many of their songs were quite long (as was their set), I enjoyed their show immensely. The group also had a great presence and balance, and each member looked like they were enjoying the set. I liked the misty keyboard lines mixed with sweeping bass parts and occasional vocals. It was easy to get lost in the music, especially with the added elements of the colorful light show. I just wish the group had come over to the merch booth so we could have supported them by purchasing a shirt!

I couldn’t have asked for much more out of a show. Thanks for a great birthday, guys!


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