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Welcome to my first bass review! I’m pretty new at reviewing instruments, so suggestions and comments below are always appreciated. For now, practice makes perfect, so let’s dive in!

I have owned my Psycho Pink Gamma J16 for about two years now, and it’s one of my most-played despite the fact that I own seven very different instruments. The combination of the unique, eye-catching paint job and the ear-catching tone makes this Gamma a star.

Below, I have outlined the five categories that are most important to me when I’m rating a bass. This is purely my opinion and preferences for my instruments, but I hope it might help give you an idea of what it would be like to own one.

Sound 9/10

My first Gamma is also one of my favorites in terms of sound quality. It’s a very versatile instrument that sounds great in a variety of genres, but my only complaint is that it’s sometimes a little too powerful for some of the softer stuff. The good news is that I don’t play much of that! I love the growling, deep tones I can get from this bass, but the fact that it can also sound so clean makes it even better! I would have bought this bass for its sound even if it didn’t look as awesome as it does.

Appearance 10/10

How could I not give Roxie a ten when she’s the definition of a dime? The paint job is literally to die for, and I was so lucky to get one of three (the other two are blue and purple, respectively) painted in this design. Because of the paint, I was featured on the Instagram pages of Girl N Bass, Bass Players United, and Bass Player Magazine. You can’t beat that kind of publicity!

Weight 10/10

One of my biggest issues with playing bass is that the majority of quality instruments are heavy. This was one of Gamma’s biggest appeals, since this bass weights a little over seven pounds compared to other basses’ twelve to even fourteen pounds. Because it doesn’t bother my shoulder as quickly, I am able to play standing up a lot more comfortably and it was really a positive turning point.

Fretboard 9/10

While I am typically a maple fretboard fan, I fell in love with the Gamma’s version of the rosewood for this bass. I find it a lot lighter and faster than the usual gloss that I would buy, and it broke in to my playing style very nicely.

Durability: 9/10

Despite the paint job, I can barely find a nick on this bass, even after having it for awhile. I am a bit scared that the paint will start to fade or chip as it gets older, but so far, no complaints in this department.

The electronics are also very durable. The only maintenance that I have ever had to do with this Gamma was tighten the input because it had started to get a little jiggly.

Overall Score



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