Advent Calendar Challenge: Day One

Happy December! For each day of the month until Christmas, I will be creating a post as a sort of advent calendar challenge for myself. Each post will have a different topic and theme, but will encourage me to post more and challenge myself. Below is a schedule for my plans, if you would like to take a look and follow along!

Day One: Introduction Post

Day Two: Book Review

Day Three: Hell Week Guide

Day Four: Literary Event Review

Day Five: DIY Flower Bottle

Day Six: My Thoughts on Jake Paul

Day Seven: A Day in the Life

Day Eight: DIY Flower Wall

Day Nine: Advice to My 16-year-old Self

Day Ten: Cooking with Alexa

Day Eleven: How to Write a Marketing Plan Part 1

Day Twelve: How to Write a Marketing Plan Part 2

Day Thirteen: How to Write a Marketing Plan Part 3

Day Fourteen: Holiday Giving

Day Fifteen: Travel Guide

Day Sixteen: Spotify Playlist

Day Seventeen: Looking Back on 2018

Day Eighteen: Photoshoot Tips

Day Nineteen: Music Review

Day Twenty: Baking with Alexa

Day Twenty-One: Music Review

Day Twenty-Two: New Year’s Resolutions

Day Twenty-Three: Last minute gift guide

Day Twenty-Four: Book Recommendations

Day Twenty-Five: Christmas Post!

These topics are subject to switch around, but they are the basics of what I’ll be writing. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll take this blogging journey with me!


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