ChristMosh is Approaching!

Happy Sunday! It’s after Thanksgiving, so the holiday season is finally in full swing. To celebrate, I made a list of a few (of the many) interesting shows that are going on around the East Coast this holiday season and beyond. What better present is there than that of music?

  1. Patent Pending & Keep Flying at Amityville Music Hall 12/29: This Long Island holiday bash is always lost of fun! This year, Patent Pending will be performing their “Second Family” album and “I’m Not Alone” EP back-to-back. Keep Flying always keeps the fun going with their energized horn section as well. VIP performance packages are also available!
  2. Walkney at Amityville Music Hall 12/13: Walkney, the newest project of American Idol’s Derek Mrdjenovich, is coming back to the East Coast! This is not a show you want to miss. Derek has powerhouse vocals and a new album out that is sure to please fans of a variety of genres.
  3. As it Is at Revolution 2/8: Patty Walters is a gem of a human being, so go support his wonderful music! (They’re good, I promise.)
  4. Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime 4/13 at Higher Ground Ballroom: Since Sublime can’t tour anymore, why not get the next best thing? Get funky with Badfish and enjoy some classic Sublime tunes .
  5. Young the Giant at The Flynn Theatre 1/29: Rock out with this California indie group to ring in a new year of shows!

I can personally promise that all five of these shows will be amazing! If you go, enjoy, and see you next week!


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