On the Edge with Rags and Riches

Rags and Riches is back with another new release! The Lexington, Kentucky-based American pop-punk project was formed in 2017, and over the past two years, Tanner and Peyton have worked hard to “[discover] their unique sound, identity, and aesthetic.” The resulting debut single, “Speed of Sound” collected over 650,000 streams on Spotify and over 500,000 views on YouTube less than three months after its February 2019 release.

Much in the vein of the title track of their debut EP, Arrival, Rags and Riches’ latest release, “Edge of Time,” is yet another upbeat, well-produced single that could entice music lovers from various genres, including fans of groups like Sheppard, Coldplay, Young the Giant, and Broken Field Runner.

[Rags and Riches, an American pop-punk band made up of brothers, Tanner and Peyton Whitt. Image used with permission from artist.]
Named my artist to watch out for in 2020, the Whitt brothers have not disappointed with their first release of the year. Anthemic yet casual, the new track is full of meaning. Like many of their previous records, “Edge of Time” focuses on bringing positivity to listeners’ lives, telling them to never settle for less: “Rise, when the chances come / Move, don’t be left behind / Now is your time to shine.” In a modern world filled with so much darkness, Rags and Riches’ lyrics are perfect to listen to when you need a little spark of light in your life.

The vocals of “Edge of Time” are smooth and flowing, creating catchy choruses that suit the band’s overall brand, making it feel very cohesive with their other works. Although it feels less full than many of the fast-paced, intense tracks in the band’s repertoire, “Edge of Time” takes a strong stance as a more casual member of the setlist. Its peaceful, inspirational aesthetic is guaranteed to place it gently—but firmly—in listeners’ hearts.

The music video doesn’t disappoint, either: The dancers complement the track’s simple beauty, their bodies moving gracefully with every beat in the core rhythm of the instrumentals. The setting is intriguingly sparse, yet crisp, seemingly inviting the sense of movement and personality the performers bring. When combined with the music video, “Edge of Time” becomes a total experience in itself.

[Promo image for Rags and Riches’ February release, “Edge of Time.” Image used with permission from artist.]
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