My Friends Trash My Favorite Song

We all know what happened when I reviewed my friends’ favorite tracks, but what would happen if I asked my friends what they think about my favorite song?

Better yet, what is my favorite song? Picking just one was difficult, but I decided on Boston Manor’s “Halo” for its catchy choruses, energetic instrumentals, and pure rock-ability. Is it really my favorite? Who knows!

I rounded up the gang and gave them their assignment. Here’s what they had to say….

Friend #1: Emily

“So, apparently there is this song called ‘Halo’ by Boston Manor. Who is Boston Manor? I have no idea. Alexa has always found these random obscure bands that no one has ever heard of. But, on topic of the song Halo: If you want a 2000’s angsty boy band song, Halo is a song for you. It shows the trip of a man who has been addicted to heroin and ,well, is addicted to heroin for obvious reasons. But the reality is I am not a good music interpreter ,and after the first two verses of the song, all I hear is the lead singer saying ‘Halo’ over and over again. Out of the 3 minute song, only 1 minute is quality verses, and the rest is just the word ‘Halo’ over and over again. I would say that the middle instrumental/techno vibe the song has kind of went Twenety One Pilot-ish and I do appreciate that part of the song, but other than that, I would rate the song incredibly meh.

Would I listen to the song again? Well, it didn’t hurt my ears. Will I ever think to myself. ‘You know what song I want to listen to right now? Oh, Halo!’ No, definitely not. I am all for edgy alternative songs, but this one simply had nothing special to it unless you wanted to hear someone sing the word ‘Halo’ to you for two minutes straight.

My final rating would be a 3/10. I did give the acoustic version a listen and liked the song a little better, so I would give the acoustic version a solid 5/10. But, overall me and ‘Halo’ just aren’t vibing.”

Friend #2: Derek

“‘Halo’ by Boston Manor is one of my favorite songs as well. The way the bass and drums flow together is very catchy. The vocals are unique and dynamic. I enjoy this song when I am driving, biking, or even just relaxing. I would definitely recommend this song to people who like punk. I would give this song a 5/5 because it fits in with the music I like and it just sounds very good.” 

Friend #3: Gail

“On first impression, I love the instrumentals from this song; the drums and bass are awesome. Not the biggest fan of the singer only because it sounds like that generic, early 2000s voice, but it’s not bad, I just like variety in singing voices. Definitely sounds like something I’d listen to back in middle school on long drives while it’s raining and I want to be in an edgy music video. I’ve heard Boston Manor’s other stuff and I like it, I’m just not in love with this particular song.”

Overall rating: 4/5

Friend #4: Mary

“This is a band who I only heard one of their songs, but am definitely going to listen to more and recommend to my friends. I love the instrumental start to the song and its unique lyrics (“I can see your halo fall / ‘Cause I had it then I lost it all”). When I hear “Halo” I think of an angel, but I love the “darker” side since it is falling off. I feel that this is a powerful song in the way that it is set up with certain sections of just instruments. All in all, I would give this song 3/5 stars.”


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