If My Favorite Lush Products Were Songs…

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, it’s probably easy to tell that I have three passions in life: Music, writing, and Lush! While I combine music and writing or writing and Lush in many of my posts, I’ve never found a way to put music and Lush together—until now!

I selected ten of my favorite Lush products and matched them to a song that I feel best fits their vibe. I hope my personal sonic experiences help define each product better than I can with words alone!

Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

Honey I Washed My Hair
[All images via Lush’s official website–I hold no claim on any of them]

Superposition by Young the Giant

The sweet positivity of “Superposition’s” instrumentals makes it the perfect track to go along with this shampoo bar! Easy to like and gently softening, Honey I Washed My Hair’s sweetness is similar to the breathy phrasing of the track’s lyrics and vocalist’s tone.

Jungle Conditioner Bar


It Might be Time by Tame Impala

Jungle’s offbeat avocado-banana makeup leaves it with a unique tropical scent, much like Tame Impala’s new track. High-end saturation and twinkling instrumental lines mix with snapping percussion and strangely-placed pauses, leaving the listener with an experience that can’t be had anywhere else.

Rose Bomb Bath Bomb

Image result for rose bomb bath bomb lush

Dream Boy by Beach Bunny

Labelled “gone, not forgotten” on Lush’s website, this beauty hasn’t been around in awhile, but it remains one of the best bath bombs I have ever used! Milky pink water sprinkled with bright yellow rose petals makes for a steady, indie-light bath. “Dream Boy” is sweet and rosy, with just the right amount of fizz and floral to make it the perfect fit for Rose Bomb’s musical counterpart.

Twilight Body Spray


Power Over Me by Dermot Kennedy

Deeply enchanting with violet-shaded vocals, “Power Over Me” is a dynamic track with a softness that masks its power. Calm, yet punchy, both the Twilight Body Spray and Dermot Kennedy’s song leave its respective audience with a feeling of peaceful power over their world.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Rub Rub Rub

Unstoppable by New Politics

Lemony horns and just the right amount of scrub connect Rub Rub Rub and “Unstoppable” like they were meant to fit together. The track’s rub leaves listeners with a raw, exfoliated listening experience, a bit of moisturizing ska to soothe and soften skin here and there. Although they might be a bit too harsh for some, Rub Rub Rub and “Unstoppable” share their popularity and zest with a select audience that loves the freshness of their effects.

Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

Yellow Submarine

Surf Song by Sean Henry

While the obvious choice of songs for the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb would be one of The Beatles’ greatest hits, “Surf Song” works better to represent the product in my opinion. Offbeat and slightly awkward, Sean Henry’s track mimics the bath bomb’s slow fizz as it jets around the tub. Propelled by a light pink swirl, the sunny ship and bright, twangy song both feel like they’re meant to be enjoyed in a way that isn’t too serious.

Eyes Right Mascara

Eyes Right

World Away by Tonight Alive

“World Away” reflects the spirit of Lush’s mascara thanks to its confident, smooth vocals and full instrumentals. Building upon itself with every swipe, Eyes Right creates the same layers that are present in Tonight Alive’s aesthetic, particularly in the quiet, insistent power of “World Away.”

Eau Roma Facial Toner

Eau Roma Water

Alrighty Aphrodite by Peach Pit

Balanced and simple, but still interesting and lightly floral, both “Alrighty Aphrodite” and Eau Roma Water tone and tighten as they work. The refreshing spritz of toner water feels much like Peach Pit’s zippy basslines and zingy guitar tones, whereas the track’s vocals add in a lavender warmth just under the rosy surface.

Rentless Solid Perfume


Virginia by Active Bird Community

Pine-y guitar riffs and mellow earth tones bring Rentless and “Virginia” into the same category. Just a bit gritty and sweet without being too bright, the perfume’s creamy feel and bold scent reflects Active Bird Community’s carefree vibe perfectly.

Golden Pear Bar Soap

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Classic and bright, but with deep, bassy undertones, “Mr. Brightside” is the perfect song for  Golden Pear Soap. The cozy familiarity of the track echoes the notes of cardamom and cocoa butter, while its hint of sparkle mirrors the soap’s fruity, glittery overtones.


Do you agree with my song selections? Have some combos of your own to share? Leave a comment!

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