Brooklyn Band Rocks Down the (Marble) House With Latest Single, “Heart Beat”

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[Image by Jordan Edwards]

Brooklyn, New York is one of the most underrated music capitals of the world. Some of my favorite bands come out of the Brooklyn scene (Glass Lungs, Bear Hands, and many more!), and Marble House might just join the list!

Formed in 2017, Indie/Alt Rock band, Marble House, consists of Gabe Friedman (Vocals/Guitar), Nicole Pettigrew (Vocals/Guitar), Danny Irizarry (Drums/Samples), and Javier Vela (Bass/Synth). The group “began as the bedroom recording project of singer Gabe Friedman and blossomed into a shimmering, genre-bending group that takes cues from a range of rock sounds. Friedman met guitarist Nicole Pettigrew online, and after hitting it off through early collaborations, they brought on Pettigrew’s friend Danny Irizarry to play drums and later Javier Vela to play bass and keyboards.”

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[Image by Jordan Edwards]
The group’s debut EP, “Demons,” was released in October of 2018, and since then, Marble House has played a variety of venues across Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY, including Arlene’s Grocery, The Bitter End, and The Delancey.

Now, Marble House is back with a single release! Their new song, “Heart Beat” debuted yesterday, September 10, 2019, and you can listen to it now right here!

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[Single artwork courtesy of Marble House]
Overall, “Heart Beat” lives up to its name: A lifeblood-shaker of a song, the track is perfect to dance to. The track was mixed by Aaron Bastinelli in Brooklyn, NY, and mastered by Joe Lambert in Jersey City, NJ. Described by the band as an “epic, fast-paced indie rock critique of modern hookup culture,” it tells a story that many listeners are likely to understand all too well. While the beginning of the song tells a story of “two people who will end up in bed together by the end of the night,” it widens into “commentary on the impersonal blur that is contemporary dating.”

Beginning with misty synth lines that lead us in to a heartbeat-like drum beat and steady guitar rhythms, the track soon explodes into a rainbow of sound as smooth, velvety vocals enter to set the scene: “They go out, but not together / Do they know one another? / Well, it’s hard to keep track when they’re moving in their lanes / Inside dark places with their eyes all cast away.” The lyrics continue the story throughout the remainder of the track, but the chorus hook, “Show me how your heart beats,” is one of the most dynamic lines of them all despite its simplicity, serving as “Gabe Friedman’s call for the two characters to have a pulse and give in to raw emotion.”

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[Image by Travis Emery]
The instrumentals of “Heart Beat” do just as much to hold the story as the lyrics. Every instrumental part suits the spirit of the song in its own way: The casual ease in which the guitar flows echoes the effortless feeling of gliding from electronic date to electronic date; the bass—although it could be higher in the mix at points—can be as twangy and aggressive as the pulling of the heartstrings when they don’t like you back, or as deep as the thrum of mutual attraction; and the percussion throughout serves as the real, beating heart of humanity surging and fighting to get free.

If you’re tired of the way we interact in today’s digital world—or you just want to hear a really awesome song— “Heart Beat” is the perfect track for you.

To be one of the first to hear “Heart Beat” live, you can join Marble House at The Well in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 13, 2019.

In the meantime, connect with Marble House below:


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