Falling Apart With When We Met

[All videos and images courtesy of When We Met]
Portland, Oregon band, When We Met, wants to meet you on tour! Celebrating the release of their latest track, “Falling Apart,” the experimental rock duo is out on their most ambitious tour yet, they can be found travelling through fifteen states to play an impressive twenty-four shows in twenty-eight days.
During their run, the couple will also be in the process of filming their second documentary series for YouTube. The tour documentary will feature show footage as well as fun behind-the-scenes shots.
The release of “Falling Apart” also includes a fantastic animated music video by cartoonist and director, Zachary Whitmore, which was shown at Another PDX Music Video Festival 2019. When matched with the song, the two work together beautifully, and I would highly recommend enjoying them together for the full effect.
Overall, “Falling Apart” has an energetic, bouncy feel to it. The electronic elements are fun and give the track a unique alt feel. The harmonies between Melissa and Bryan’s voices work well in most places, particularly in the introduction, when their vocal lines mix as they drag out the line, “I don’t know….”  The softness of their voices during sections such as this provide a solid contrast for Melissa’s harder-feeling vocals as she sings, “I don’t have the answers that you seek/What do you want from me?/I just live my life/And I don’t go outside….”
The instrumental section towards the end of the song is impressive as well. Utilizing the contrast between the end of the dreamy vocals and the funky instrumental lines, When We Met is able to showcase their talent in isolated sections as well as blending them together.
As far as critiques go, I do have to say that some of the vocals feel a bit flat, particularly during the line, “soon, soon soon, soon I’ll be falling apart.” While this might not be noticeable for the average listener, it does throw me off a little.
Besides “Falling Apart,” When We Met has also released another single, “The Con.” A new take on Tegan and Sara’s original track, When We Met infuses their own style into the song with electronic elements and blending vocal harmonies.
If you’re a fan of Sheppard, When We Met would be a great new band to check out!

Stay tuned for When We Met’s upcoming EP/album:


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