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unnamed.jpg[Image courtesy of Taylor Wafford]
“Native to the east coast, blooming in the springtime, The Bloodroot flower is known for it’s beautiful above-ground appearance and hearty, “bloody” roots just beneath the surface. The same sentiment can be found in the sounds of Blood Root.”
Currently based out of Nashville, Tennesee, Taylor Wafford has taken on the identity of the flower for her latest project. Since her beginnings as the songwriter and frontwoman of The Blue Wild, a North Carolina-based folk band, Taylor has released a solo project under her own name, and is now focusing on Blood Root full time.
Blood Root’s latest release is a single titled, “Conversations.” The song represents “an element of hope that there is something more to” the shallow, “surface-level social interactions she [experienced] within her first month in Nashville, attempting to meet like-minded musicians in a congested music city.” 
unnamed (1).jpg[This and all remaining images courtesy of Ryan Kanaly]
Independently released on May 17, 2019, the single was self-produced and is now available on all major streaming platforms.
“Conversations” begins with groovy electronic tones that create a solid setting for
Taylor’s smooth, heady vocals. Her voice is easy on the ears, allowing listeners the choice of simply taking in the beauty of the audio, or pairing it with interpretation of the lyrics with each listen.
The lyrics of “Conversations” tell a story many musicians are familiar with, but Blood Root’s diction is anything but overused. With an impressive use of lyricism, the song’s plot unfolds clearly, even for listeners who aren’t prepped with backstory: “I promise you, there’s no commitment/I’m just happy to be a participant/In these quaint conversations in basements/Honey, can you hear me?”
Wonderfully phrased to fit nicely with the instrumentals, the lyrics and their meaning only add to the track’s authentic feel.
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Blood Root is Taylor’s main focus, and she has plans for a week-long tour this summer in North Carolina. Stay tuned for dates!
Get to know Blood Root:
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