“They’ll Tear it Down” (Pinnacle Anthology)

As you might already know, I’m now a published poet! I’m honored to be included in a fellow Champlain student’s (now graduate’s, actually!) Capstone project, which included an amazing array of poets from all over the place.

My poem, “They’ll Tear it Down,” was inspired by the construction raging outside my bedroom window at college. The Burlington sunsets were absolutely gorgeous, but it was hard to focus on their beauty when the silhouettes of construction equipment were in the way. Not to even mention the noise!

Although my poem focuses on one small corner of the Earth that’s being destroyed, I hope it conveys the message that we have to take care of the bigger picture, too. Our planet is dying whether we want to believe it or not, and it’s our job to save it! In the spirit of spring and poetry, here are some worthy causes to donate to if you want to do something to help. If you can’t donate, remember that volunteer work is fun and makes a difference, too!

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Marine Meadows

World Wildlife Fund





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