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Hi, everyone! This is an important post for musicians looking for a review, so listen up!

For the past few months, I have published every solicited and unsolicited review free of charge despite the time and energy I have put into each. I understand this will be a controversial decision, as many people think reviewers should work for free, but I have decided:

From April 5th and on, I will be charging a nonrefundable submission fee for accepted solicited features ($5) and reviews ($10).

It looks like I will be doing so through Venmo, but this could change. Updates will be made on the contact page.

This decision has taken a long time to make, but I am positive that I have come to a fair conclusion. I take a considerable amount of time out of my studies to write and help bands, and a small fee in return (which will typically come out to about $1-2 from each member) will help me continue to run and improve the blog, leading to even more visibility to bands. I can certify that reviews will continue to be honest and fair, and since everyone will be paying the same amount, there will be no bias. Additionally, I would never write a review or feature a band that I would have turned down should money not be involved.

Each paid review or feature will come with additional advertising on my social media pages, as usual.

I realize that this decision may lessen the outstanding responses that I have been getting thus far, but I have accepted this. I understand that bands work very hard and don’t get paid much, so not everyone will be able to afford something like this. That being said, I work hard to put out quality content as well.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me music, all my readers, and those I will work with in the future!



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