Bass Review: Starburst Gamma

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Although I have only had my Starburst Gamma for a short time, I can already tell that it’s a superb bass! It might have similar looks to its fraternal twin, Rock-It, but the two have differences that allow them to complement each other when played together (look out, world, here comes Pure North!) and I would love to highlight what’s special about each of them.

Below, I have outlined the five categories that are most important to me when I’m rating a bass. This is purely my opinion and preferences for my instruments, but I hope it might help give you an idea of what it would be like to own one.

Sound 10/10

I usually prefer punchier basses, but I love how mellow the Starburst is! It adds a lot of warm, calm depth to my playing that I haven’t experienced with any of my other basses thus far. It sounds great with fingers and with a pick.

Appearance 10/10

I think this is pretty obvious. Every time I look at this bass, I find something new to stare at. Although I was expecting it to be more on the whiter side instead of the creme tone it is, I really love the depth to it.

Weight 9/10

Compared to the weight of most other brands, Gammas are always lighter, but the Starburst is a bit on the heavier side. Most bassists will be fine with the weight of it, but it does bother my shoulder when I play it for extended periods of time.

Fretboard 10/10

The fretboard on Starburst feels identical to that of the Rock-It, and I have no complaints about either! They feel like heaven and make it easy to play complex patterns and rhythms because the silky neck pairs perfectly with the rosewood fretboard.

Durability 10/10

I haven’t had an issue with the Starburst so far! I hope it remains this way, especially with the paint!

Overall Score



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