Irresponsible: Beautiful Baby Review


New year, new music! One of the earliest releases of 2019 is from Washington, D.C. rock band, Irresponsible. The band boasts a solid lineup with all three members contributing vocals. Ryan Paladino also plays guitar, TJ Rogers is on drums and Jon Varga rocks the bass. After three prior studio albums and hundreds of shows, the band is excited to present “Beautiful Baby” as their newest single.

Irresponsible is the child of MTV-era music videos from 311, Weezer, Sublime and more—and it definitely shows! “Beautiful Baby” is a fun new hit ready to ruffle your hair like a fresh breeze on a summer boardwalk.

Recorded and mastered to a 2 inch tape and produced by platinum-selling producer, Jim Ebert and mastered by platinum-selling engineer, Dave Collins, “Beautiful Baby” is a fun, peppy anthem of love. The matching video for the single, produced by Francisco Campos Lopez—Best Director winner at the 2018 Philadelphia Independent Film Awards—was recorded at National Harbor and the Alexandria waterfront.

The summery rock anthem features charming, vintage-style harmonies over a nice instrumental mix. The pronounced drum track lends itself to the peppy forward movement of the piece, enhanced by the rich popping bass parts and searing guitar riffs. Each element of the track suits it nicely.

While, like most love songs, the single is a bit cheesy, it does feature a few unique lines that make it less so such as “You, my love, are a work of art” and “The sun never sets, only shines for you”. Still cutesy, but who doesn’t appreciate a love song pick-me-up once in awhile? This one is perfect to dance to under a big white tent at a backyard party.

For fans of 5 Seconds of Summer, Maroon 5, and Twenty One Pilots, “Beautiful Baby” will be irresistible.

In 2019, Irresponsible plans to bring their music to new states and record another video by summertime. They will continue to record with analog equipment and in 2020, hope to expand their reach overseas.





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