Feature: Smoke From All the Friction

[Image courtesy of Kyra Rodriguez]

Music can be more than just a way to pass the time, and North Carolina-based electro pop indie band, Smoke From All the Friction, is here to prove it! Featuring Cam Gillette as the producer, guitarist and vocalist and Kenny Andrews on drums and bass, the band mixes traditional and underground culture to fashion moody vibes with unique industrial undertones. Inspired by feelings of friction and tension, Smoke From All the Friction’s music seeks to explore the journey of venturing outside conventions to break down barriers.

It can certainly be said that their releases inspire appreciation of the thought-provoking genre. “Meant to Be,” the third track on 2018 album, Transience, exemplifies the group’s blend of unique audio with deeper connotations perfectly.

The song begins with a buildup of tension that only grows greater with the addition of vocals laid gently over the top in a way that murmurs intimately to the listener. “Meant to Be” explodes into a dance-worthy instrumental after the chorus, giving listeners the opportunity to enjoy their time with the song.

Also from Transience, “Bead of the Necklace” explores the eerie feeling of being only a small part of a much bigger world. Conjuring images of others toiling for the future, the track features lyrics like, “I am just another bead on the necklace/Stretched a million miles long/Resting on the shoulders of men/Women so long gone,” that show the world in a wonderfully idiosyncratic way.

Smoke From all the Friction is perfect for avid listeners of Sheppard, Lawson, From Indian Lakes, and Owl City who want to expand their horizons and take a journey outside their own world.

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