Review: Lush Birthday Party


As a huge Lush fan, I was beyond excited to hear that my local store offered parties after hours. Upon further research, I decided to book one to celebrate my 20th birthday while at home with my friends. It was very easy to set up, and the experience continued to be a breeze throughout the process.

For those of you who don’t know much about it, Lush is a cruelty-free skincare brand that originated in the UK. They carry products made of as many natural ingredients as possible from henna hair dyes to skin scrubs to their famous bath bombs. They have something for everyone, proving that baths and skincare aren’t just for kids or girls; they should be an enjoyable part of everyone’s routine.

There are two versions of the Lush party: Beauty School and Lil Lush Fans, the former being for older customers and the latter for younger fans. The activities in each 2-hour party are customized to your tastes as well as the package you choose. My party was a Beauty School event and was $300. For that money, I could have a maximum of six guests and pay an additional $50 for anyone else I wanted to add on. Despite the fact that my party ended up being only four people, I don’t think the money was wasted at all. In fact, each guest receives a $50 gift card, meaning that the price of the party is simply the shopping spree at the end. The greedy Lushie I am, I used the extra two gift cards and ended up spending $20 of my own money as well. But no regrets here!

The party started off with a tour of the Lush store with some history bits sprinkled in. The two employees that ran our party (they will remain nameless because I forgot to ask permission to use names) were very friendly and engaging throughout the experience, but the first employee who gave us this tour was especially great at easing us into things. She encouraged us to try samples and asked us what we liked to get a sense of what we might want to use as the party progressed.

One of the highlights of the tour was the perfume section. I likely would have never explored it if I was just going into the store like I usually do, but the employee made it very approachable and it ended up being one of my favorite sections.

After the tour, we got to try out a few bath bombs and the Rub Rub Rub scrub on our hands and arms. It was very personalized and a very fun way to get started. While the employees set up the next phase of the party, we ate the cupcakes that I brought and I opened gifts. Once we were ready, the transition into the rest of the program was very smooth and we were put on stools with big bowls of water in front of us.

The Lush team talked to us about each of our ideals for our skin, since all of us were different. They picked products for us based on our needs and wants and we were treated to exfoliators, face masks, face massages, massage bars, arm massages, and more. It was all very relaxing and allowed my friends and I to talk and enjoy ourselves while enjoying Lush. Even my boyfriend, who was a little nervous in the beginning, decided that he loved Lush. (He’s the best.)

The party’s two hours ended with a fifteen minute shopping spree. While I was a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of products I wanted, I did end up getting most of the selection that the employees used on me during the party. Check out my Lush haul post to see what I got!

I would recommend a Lush party to literally anyone. It was such a positive, fun experience and I think the Lush team can help even the most reluctant guests fall in love with Lush!


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