Last Minute Gift Guide

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Twenty-Three

I’m not a last minute shopper, but I know a lot of them, and I’m here to help you if you’re one, too! I know life can get busy and gifts might not be the first thing on your mind. Below are five gifts that are perfect for last-minute shoppers to pick up this Christmas!

1. Books

In my opinion, the gift of a book is one of the most special you can give. Even if someone doesn’t necessarily love reading, getting them a book related to their interests will surely make them know you care.

2. DIY Gift Set

If you don’t want to buy something big, making your own gift set with a bunch of small presents is a great way to create something cute. I like using a mug as a “basket” and arranging things like candy, lotions, face masks, stickers, and other small gifts inside.

3. Blanket

Who doesn’t love a soft blanket? It’s a gift that keeps on giving, especially during the chilly holiday season.

4. Baked Goods

Homemade baked goods are a cute gift for the people in your life who are hard to shop for. They show a lot of effort and love, which is exactly what a gift should express. Just make sure the gift receiver doesn’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions first.

5. Gift Cards or Cash

Obviously, don’t get someone very close to you either of these items unless they expressly asked for them. But for the work friend or acquaintance, a gift card or cold hard cash is an easy last-minute grab.


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