Photoshoots for Dummies

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Ever wanted to become a photographer, but not know how? Welcome to your answer! It’s my firm belief that anyone can be a photographer if they have a camera (or a really, really good phone camera) and a subject. The following are some tips and tricks for your first photoshoot session!

Pick a subject


The most important part of being a photographer is having a subject! This subject can be a flower, a friend, an animal, or even yourself! Pick whatever calls to you at a certain moment; that’s how you’ll get the special pictures you’ve been craving.

Pick a location


If your subject is mobile, pick a location! The majority of my photoshoots are outside because I love natural lighting, as well as finding little things to take pictures of along the way. If you’re working with a person, trees are always a great tool to get your subject comfortable being in front of the camera.

Play with angles


The biggest mistake most new photographers make is taking only straight-on shots. Sure, these can be a simple, great touch, but don’t be afraid to experiment! Turn your camera, kneel down, or even crawl on the ground to see what your subject looks like from every angle. You might find something unique, which builds your personal style in a portfolio. Follow your instincts to find that great shot!

Get in front of the camera

Screenshot_20180821-113637[Credit: Derek Mann]

It might be scary for someone who prefers being behind the lens, but modelling a bit yourself is a great way to understand positioning, angles, and even what your model might be feeling. Getting a sense of what it’s like for them is important in order to make a human subject feel comfortable, and it can also teach you how to position your own body to look how you want, which teaches you how to position someone else.

Have fun


There’s no point in taking pictures if you aren’t having fun! I’ll let you interpret this one in your own way, because it looks different for everyone.


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