DIY Flower Bottle

Advent Calendar Challenge Day 5

Looking for a cool way to decorate a dorm room? Don’t want to pay a lot of money? Make a flower bottle!

Step 1

Pick a bottle! The bottle you choose is completely up to you, but my suggestions include Stewarts soda bottles, mason jars, or classic glass milk bottles.

Rinse the bottle and set it upside down to dry. If it has a label, you can remove it or leave it, depending on your preference.

Step 2

Choose fake flowers or real flowers. Obviously, real flowers will be a lot more costly, and the filling in your bottle will have to be compatible with water. Real flowers will need to be replaced often as they die, so keep this in mind as well. No matter what you choose, get anywhere from one to three stems, depending on the flower size and type.

Step 3

Choose your filling! This depends on the size of the neck of your bottle, but items that I prefer are coins, sea glass, sand, or colorful aquarium rocks. Get creative if you want to do something different! You can fill the bottle to the top to start, or, in the case of coins, fill it as you go.

Step 4

Assemble your bottle. Put the filling inside and place the flowers stem-first inside, trimming them to the appropriate size for the length of the bottle. If you want, you can also accessorize your bottle by using it as a jewelry holder. It can also be useful as a centerpiece or bookend!




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