Review: Gold Standard Living

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Twenty-One


[Image: Batter via Bandcamp]

Batter watch out, Burlington: there’s a new band in town! Breaking into the Vermont scene this year with energetic instrumentals and enthusiastic vocals, Batter has recently released their first song, “Gold Standard Living” on Bandcamp.

The single features a unique mix of vigorous, swinging guitar and keyboard lines to back effervescent vocals. The drum part serves the song well, providing a steady energy through the pace shifts that allows the other parts to flow, particularly the trumpet, which adds a lot to the melodies. The mix itself is also very good, especially for a band that is just starting out.

Batter was formed when Will Riley (guitar) approached Cole Digangi (keyboard/bass/guitar/vocals) and Tyler Kraehling (guitar/vocals) and asked to play with them. They quickly formed a group, enlisting their friend Jack Sladden to play drums. The final addition of Ben Burt, a trumpet player from the University of Vermont, made the group complete.

In the coming months, Batter hopes to play more basement shows as well as get into playing shows at venues around Burlington. A summer tour might also be in the cards.



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